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Bookshelf Porn

I love bookshelves. I look at this instead of naked men.

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Book Trailers: THE WAY OF THE FUTURE!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I already  blogged this on my work blog, HERE. It’s very important to me and I LOVED THOSE BOOK TRAILERS so I’m doing it again! I was going to write a snarky post about this Onion article and how I’m totally sick of the tired old copy about how “it’s a new way to … Continue reading

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Vintage Georg Jensen Silver Tray

Check it out! I finally got something in my Etsy shop. I’m selling a beautiful 1933 Georg Jensen silver tray for my folks. You can see the listing HERE. I’ll be listing some Edna Hibel artwork later this week, and as soon as I get my license from Sublime Stitching, I’ll be listing my OWN … Continue reading

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In Bruges

I fucking love this movie. It’s like Guy Ritchie but with heart and thought and beautiful cinematography. That’s what happens when you get a real writer to write the script. Also, I like to pretend that the ending is happy. It’s a bit weird that I’m watching this very violent bloody movie while making little … Continue reading

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Excuse My Dust

I’m bouncing back and forth between WordPress and Tumblr. I think I might like Tumblr a little better…it’s cleaner and more easily customizable. I’m torn, though…anybody have any hardcore feelings one way or the other? Either way, you can find my Tumblr page here: http://theroseinbloom.tumblr.com/ Meanwhile, I’m finding that I am really missing teaching. I … Continue reading

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Trust Me, I’m a Health Care Practitioner

NOTE: The “you” I’m speaking to in this post is the author of the post at this link: http://disabledfeminists.com/2010/02/23/trust-me/. I’m linking to it twice because it’s so important. I’m also linking to the post she wrote before that detailing some of the backstory of her reproductive history that led to this event in the first … Continue reading

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Evelyn Evelyn Confused Confused

I’m never going to minimize the suffering of people with disabilities, or people with histories of sexual abuse or exploitation. No one should EVER DO THAT. That being said, I’m going to give my two cents about the Evelyn Evelyn going on around Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley.  The short version is that the two … Continue reading

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I’m Significant, Screamed the Dust Speck

This is hilariously ironic, and I’m not certain I fully understand it. I did a Google search for my name to see where this blog came up in the search results (hint: stuff from 7th grade came up earlier) and found the following link: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/im-significant-screamed-the-dust-speck/ It seems to state that I’m the featured post for … Continue reading

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I See Your Ouevre is Monochromatic.

I read xkcd religiously. It’s my second-favorite webcomic (my favorite is Girl Genius). However, being an English major, I don’t always get all the science or math jokes. Most, but not all. Surprisingly, the thing that stumps me about tonight’s new strip is NOT the science joke (I’ve heard of Higgs Boson etc)–it’s the panel … Continue reading

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V Day and the Wolfman

The extent of my film-going this Valentine’s Day weekend was to see The Wolfman. Nothing says “romance” like rotting corpses, entrails scattered across the moors, and Victorian torture-treatments of “lunatics.” No, seriously, this actually turned out to be a pretty romantic movie. Traditional werewolf story–boy loves girl, dad loves same girl, dad bites boy, boy … Continue reading

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