I See Your Ouevre is Monochromatic.

I read xkcd religiously. It’s my second-favorite webcomic (my favorite is Girl Genius). However, being an English major, I don’t always get all the science or math jokes. Most, but not all. Surprisingly, the thing that stumps me about tonight’s new strip is NOT the science joke (I’ve heard of Higgs Boson etc)–it’s the panel about the knight:

Words fail me.

It's amazing what they can do with cardboard these days.

Can somebody please explain to me what is going on with that knight? Can somebody also explain where a girl is supposed to get an online fix of Calvin and Hobbes now that transmogrifier.org is defunct? How am I supposed to remind myself that dust specks are significant and math atheism is a valid excuse without Calvin and Hobbes?

2 Responses to “I See Your Ouevre is Monochromatic.”
  1. Brett Glass says:

    Can’t figure out the knight? Think chess.

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