Excuse My Dust

I’m bouncing back and forth between WordPress and Tumblr. I think I might like Tumblr a little better…it’s cleaner and more easily customizable. I’m torn, though…anybody have any hardcore feelings one way or the other?

Either way, you can find my Tumblr page here: http://theroseinbloom.tumblr.com/

Meanwhile, I’m finding that I am really missing teaching. I knew that I loved teaching and that I would miss my students when I finished my student teaching, but I am really HATING not having the instant gratification of knowing that my work is directly affecting someone. With teaching, I get to see the students light up when they have an “aha” moment, and I get the satisfaction of being able to help them when they come to me with problems. Right now, I’m in a corner at a desk doing things I know people will eventually see, but it’s all business. I don’t have that heady sense that my daily activities could change somebody’s life. I also don’t feel like I’m learning anything or helping anybody else to learn anything.


If it weren’t for crafting, I might be very unhappy. As it is, thank goodness for my Sublime Stitching patterns and the new glue gun I bought last week. Also thank goodness for Ravelry.com and its easy access to tutorials and patterns so I can teach myself to crochet. Very soon I will have things to put in the Etsy store, at long last!

Sexy Librarian

This teeny wee piece was later turned into a teeny wee pillow with black velvet backing. Thinking of adding a ribbon strap so it can be used as a "Do Not Disturb" sign.

For now, I’m in a holding pattern. Somebody please give me a job where I can see direct results!!

Greetings from Paris!

I'm working out how to turn this into a journal cover.


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